My aims for the past 30 days, did I actually do them?

So I haven’t actually posted anything in a month! I would love to say it’s because I’ve been super busy but in reality, I always put everything off as this post will tell you.

As the last entry for my 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I mentioned 5 aims for the next 30 days. They were some of the things that I would like to accomplish. I hoped that by setting just 5 I would be more likely to do them.

I have a massive motivation problem. I am perfectly content to just watch Netflix while going through every social media app on my phone. Some people think this is boring, that I’m wasting my time etc. However, I don’t see it this way. If it wouldn’t make me happy to go out and do something, then why should I?

Saying this, however, even if it is something I really want to do, it still doesn’t mean that I am going to do it.

This is what I posted over 30 days ago:

  • Book my holiday – I’m planning on going to Amsterdam for New Year with one of my friends. I really don’t want it to turn in to all talk and no action. That has happened so many times. I want to book it when I get paid at the end of the month.

Starting off on a high! I did actually book my holiday. We are flying early in the morning on the 29th December and will be coming back late on the 2nd January.

  • Finish a book – I mentioned in one of my posts this week about not reading much anymore. My goal is to finish a book in the next 30 days. I already have one picked out, it’s called Wool by Hugh Howey.

Finish a book? I don’t think I even started one. That’s really not good. I have a serious problem with buying books and not reading them.

  • Finish my drawing – I started a pointillism drawing last month and was slowly working on it, bit by bit every day. Then I just stopped and haven’t looked at it in weeks. I want to carry on with that and finish it.

Same as with the books, I don’t think I even looked at my drawing in the last month. 

  • Finish my series and start a new one – I have just finished watching Timeless, which I loved, and have started to rewatch Scrubs. I have already seen it before, but it is one of my favourites. Once I’ve finished it, I want to start a series that I haven’t seen.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, this is a task I most definitely completed and then some. I finished all of Scrubs, Daredevil season 3 and I’m now on season 4 of Prison Break (which I am obsessed with by the way if anyone else has seen it).

  • Make a meal for work – I never take lunch when I go to work. I usually just take a yoghurt or some biscuits. I can never be bothered to make something, but I know that I need to start eating more, especially at work. One of my goals for the next month is to make something that I can take into work.

Back to the not completing tasks. Since I booked my holiday and the fact that I’m unbelievably lazy, I have been taking porridge and fruit for work, 

  1. Book a holiday – ✓
  2. Finish a book – ✗
  3. Finish my drawing – ✗
  4. Finish my series and start a new one – ✓
  5. Make a meal for work – ✗

I completed 2/5 of my tasks. That’s quite bad. I’m going to try much harder to do at least one more of these tasks before the end of October.

By Rebecca

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