I dropped my phone off a rollercoaster

I honestly can’t believe I done this, I’m so mad at myself. Who tries to take a video while on a rollercoaster?

On Saturday I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with some people from work. I had been looking forward to it for ages as we had planned it back in July. We were able to get speedy passes as well, which really improves the day at a theme park because you are not spending your entire day in a queue.

We decided to go on one last ride before leaving at 7PM. It is called the Big Dipper. I decided to take pictures and video the ride for my Instagram. All 3 of my friends were telling me not to do it, but I didn’t listen. I was so confident I would be able to hold on to it. It flew out of my hand at the first drop. I found it difficult to enjoy the rest of the ride. My friends found it hilarious.

I know it was an amazingly stupid thing to do, and that it was my own fault I lost my phone, which makes me feel ten times worse.

Do you know what makes it worse though? My bank card was in the back of my phone.

I went from the staff at the ride to guest services, lost property and security. My friends tried calling my phone and it kept ringing so it wasn’t completely broken. I filled out a lost property form but then we had to go home. I was kind of devasted about it.

On Sunday I had to phone my bank to cancel my card, but almost every question they asked I didn’t know the answer to because I keep all of my information on my phone. They cancelled my card but said I would need to go to my bank with my ID to request a new card.

I emailed, tweeted and Facebook messaged Pleasure Beach and didn’t receive any answer. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get my phon back. I looked into buying out of my contract but it was going to cost me £450. Then I decided to try and call my phone to see if it was still working or if the battery had died. But someone answered it.

“Hello, Blackpool Pleasure Beach”

“Umm, hello?”

They found my phone! It needs a new screen but it is still working! They asked for my details and they are going to send it back to me.

I am super happy and grateful that they found it and it wasn’t too broken. I know how lucky I am.

Word of advice, if you are going on a rollercoaster and want to record it, don’t. Or at least get a strap to hold it around your wrist. No matter how good you think your grip is, the rollercoaster will win.

By Rebecca

P.S. The picture is the only one that saved to my iCloud before I dropped my phone.

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